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color variations using an innovative dual-optic design with a wider path length, thus taking the guesswork out of poolside water analysis. www.

Pools, Decks, and Patios


Latham is the largest designer, manufacturer, and marketer of inground residential fiberglass and vinyl lined swimming pools in North America, Australia and New Zealand, with more than six decades of experience. Fiberglass pools have many advantages over alternatives. Unlike other pools, fiberglass pool installation can be accomplished quickly. Homeowners who purchase a Latham fiberglass pool will be luxuriating in their brand-new pool within two to three days after delivery, regardless of the size or shape of the pool itself. Latham vinyl liner pools are specially engineered to deliver maximum quality and flexible designs to fit within most pool budgets. Vinyl liner inground pools are custom made and constructed with durable, long-lasting materials. They can be installed faster than other pool types and are built to withstand factors that can cause wear and tear to a pool like sunlight, water, and chemicals. www.

Skimmercover’s “Hide”

The Hide Skimmer cover is a 12-inch square cover that is used to cover skimmer box openings and any external inspection points around the landscape. It features a stainless-steel tray, which holds any inlay (landscape) materials chosen e.g. tile, paver, concrete, decking, etc. Each cover is available in a range of depths to suit most landscape materials. These range from 0.4″ to 2.5″. HIDE’s marinegrade stainless-steel covers are not only the most attractive cover; they are the safest and most robust cover on the market. Made in Australia, the skimmer cover ships free to North America, excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

Trench Drain Systems

Trench Drain Systems has added more grating options for the MAX Mini drainage system. The Bronze Age Grate product line has expanded to include Luna, Stars, Tardis, Cathedral, Deco, and Slotted. Many of these patterns are available in a natural or brushed bronze finish, while other grates are offered in 316L marinegrade stainless steel. The new patterns are made in America and are easy to install. Providing a complete look with more than 180 grate, channel, and edge combinations, the Max Mini provides a high-end look for pool and patio drains.

W. R. MEADOWS X-FOAM Joint Filler

Joint filler leader W. R. Meadows has launched a new product called X-FOAM, which is a flexible, closedcell, polypropylene joint solution. This multi-use addition to their product portfolio can serve as an expansion, contraction, or isolation joint solution for concrete projects.

“It made sense for us to add X-Foam to our extensive family of concrete joint fillers because we wanted a flexible solution for curving around objects, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor application,” said Glenn Tench, W. R. Meadows’Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The X-Foam compressible foam is so bendable and lightweight, you can just cut it with a razor tool.”

The X-FOAM expansion joint filler is a resilient material rugged enough to handle the elements, with features including the following: · Ultraviolet stable. · Non-absorbent. · Chemical-resistant. X-FOAM made its industry debut at the recent World of Concrete show in Las Vegas in January 2022. For more information or samples, visit the company online or call 1-800-342-5976.

Spectrum 360 Nicheless Lighting

Recently awarded one of the Top 50 Products of 2022 and designed for a wide range of applications, the Spectrum 360 Nicheless is the most

advanced nicheless lighting system available. Its contemporary design and ease of installation make it the perfect choice for new pool construction or remodeling older pools. The latest LED technology and thermal management systems have been incorporated to provide vibrant RGBW performance with maximum energy efficiency.

The Spectrum 360 Nicheless is UL certified to be installed in a variety of nicheless fittings, and plug-and-play retrofitting is made easy by using the unique field-wirable plug kit. www.


AquaStar’s Pipeline Filters

AquaStar’s Pipeline Filters are designed with safety and performance in mind. Their patented double-locking system allows one to safely open the lid, even under pressure. Deliver toptier hydraulic efficiency along with best-in-class filtration performance.

The filter housing’s innovative Pipeline design delivers 360-degree uniform water flow through the entire cartridge filter. The proprietary element is designed with wider-spaced pleats for improved debris distribution. The core openings are 64% larger to improve flow. They outperform cartridge filters twice their size hydraulically and in cleanability.

Pipeline Filters’ smaller footprint and patented base linking capabilities allow for space-efficient equipment pads. Available in 2 sizes, the PLF27000 and the PLF35000. www.

Blue-White’s F-1000 Digital Paddlewheel Flow Meter

Blue-White’s BW DIGI-METER

F-1000 is a battery powered electronic flow meter that makes flow verification for pools, spas, and water park attractions quick, easy, and reliable.

This paddlewheel insertion meter surpasses Health Department requirements for accuracy.

Three versions of the BW DIGIMETER are offered. The F-1000RB rate meter, the F-1000TB flow totalizer, and the F-1000RT Rate Meter and Flow Totalizer.

BW DIGI-METER benefits include: easy-to-read, .35” high, 6-digit LCD display, factory calibrated with nothing to program; weather-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure; corrosion-resistant PVDF sensor; large calibrated flow range; and minimal maintenance required.

A variety of configuration and material options for in-line and saddlemount installations are offered. www.

Darlly Filters

With more than 25 years of experience, Darlly is one of the largest filtration manufacturers in the world. Darlly offers a wide variety of pool and spa filter cartridges, DE grids, prefilters, and accessories. Made in China, Darlly filters are used in biopharmaceuticals, microelectronics, food and beverage, power generation, petrochemical, metal processing, drinking water treatment, swimming pool and spa water treatment, mechanical manufacturing, and automotive markets. www.darllyfilter. com.


For robotic cleaners, service pros love Maytronics Dolphins, and they seem to love them all. Like other robotic cleaners, Dolphin robots are totally self-sufficient, requiring no connection to the pool or its other systems, and running entirely through their own power supply. They come with a built-in navigation system that allows them to clean the entire pool. Many models come with Wi-Fi capability and access to an app that allows users to control the pool cleaner from anywhere. A scheduling system allows users to set the cleaner in advance to take care of the pool while away. Some of the higher-end units come with a choice of filtration system: cartridge or a filter bag. The

cartridge filter is easier to clean, while the filter bag is better at getting fine particles. There are a lot of Dolphins to choose from, so when it comes to robotic cleaners, among the most popular questions is which Dolphin to get. Some say the M series is better for fine or very small debris and pools with a lot of flat surfaces and no safety ledges, while the S series is more reliable for large debris and leaves. For vinyl-lined pools, the S200 gets a lot of praise from service techs.

The choice is also related to: 1. The number of bells and whistles your customer wants to pay for; 2. The size of the pool; 3. The pool shape: is it round/rectangular? Does it have a lot of edges? Does it have an island?; 4. What is the surface texture like? Is it vinyl, tile, fiberglass, plaster, or pebble?

Poolside Tech “The Attendant”

Poolside Tech is smart pool automation technology. Their featured product, The Attendant, monitors and maintains all equipment on the pad. It makes operational decisions, improving water quality and sending real-time notifications when equipment malfunctions. Among its benefits over other smart automation technologies, it allows users to choose different brands of equipment for lights, pumps, heaters, etc rather than being locked into one manufacturer so that users have a greater freedom of choice. www.


Bufferzone Software Package

Bufferzone is an all-in-one pool industry software package supplied by Home Port Computer, which has been in the business of pool water for more than 30 years. Bufferzone manages pool shops and water chemistry, service teams, links with water testing devices (Wave III Scanner and Spin Lab), integrates with Quickbooks online, and much more. Ask about their new feature, in which clients can log into their own portal and enter water test results, ask for dosage advice, and log in service requests. Offering local U.S. support as well as tools and features that no other software has, this is a system that should really be considered before making any further business decisions. See the Bufferzone in Las Vegas in November and check out their website. https://www.h2otesting. com/buffer-zone-software


LOU, created by Evosus, is the only cloud-based integrated retail / service software specifically built for the swimming pool & hot tub industry. If your business is still running on paper, spreadsheets, accounting software— or some combination — LOU is for you. By getting your entire business on one app, you can recycle the paper and delete the spreadsheets once and for all. LOU cloud business software gives you 100% visibility across your business. Your entire company is in sync, spanning retail, service, inventory, warehousing, back office, and administration. By integrating your business with LOU, you reduce costs, eliminate confusion, improve the customer experience, empower employees, and strengthen the information behind key business decisions.


Poolcorp is the world’s leading independent distributor of swimming pool supplies, with an additional focus on irrigation, equipment, outdoor living, and landscape products. Pool 360 is their E-selling site for SCP, Superior Pool Products, LLC., Npt and Horizon. Poolcorp has a continuously expanded inventory of products and presently offer more than 180,000 national brand and private label products. Their inventory includes a diverse product range from construction materials, replacement parts, and fencing to pool care products and spas. www.pool360.

United Aqua Group

Founded in 1963, United Aqua Group is a collaborative of residential and commercial swimming pool and spa builders, retailers, and service companies, which have banded together to form the nation’s largest and most prestigious buying group. Each member of UAG is an owner in the company, automatically building wealth with every purchase. Plus, UAG provides educational and networking opportunities aimed at enhancing the knowledge and expertise of every owner. Today, the United Aqua Group is widely recognized as the most prestigious professional ownership organization in the pool and spa industry. Visit the company at www.

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