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“G” the alligator goes to the waterpark

“G” the alligator goes to the waterpark “G” the alligator goes to the waterpark

“G The Alligator goes to the waterpark” sounds like the title of a children’s book, but that is just what happened this September in Illinois.

A lot of public pools mark the end of the season with a doggy swim day, but Splash Cove water park stepped it up a notch by allowing none other than G, the alligator, to wade in its lazy river. The 39-yearold, 300-pound, 12-foot resident of Scovill Zoo got to go for a field trip.

A video of the event was posted by Gators Daily on Twitter. “A waterpark closing for the season let a longtime resident gator of a closeby zoo take a field trip to their lazy river,” it said in the tweet “He loved freshening up on his swimming skills, floating in the river current, and let us know that he enjoyed his trip to the lazy river by refusing to leave. G finally decided to come out and then basked in the sun on the concrete deck for a few minutes before safely venturing back to his home at Scovill Zoo. We are pretty sure he had a big alligator smile and was loving life on his vacation day,” Scovill Zoo posted in the caption of the video.

“G” The Alligator takes a final swim in the lazy river at the Splash Cove water park. Image Credit:

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