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ICC-2 water standard comments due Dec. 11

ICC-2 water standard comments due Dec. 11 ICC-2 water standard comments due Dec. 11

PHTA Welcomes Public Comments on Revisions To PHTA/ ICC-2 Standard For Public Pool And Spa Operations And Maintenance The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) is inviting public review and comments on revisions to the new PHTA/ICC-2 Standard for Public Pool and Spa Operations and Maintenance. Public review is an important part of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards consensus development process. This second round is a 30-day public review, and comments are limited to the revisions that will be printed in the November 11, 2022, edition of the ANSI newsletter, Standards Action. PHTA submitted the PHTA/ICC-2 Standard for its first public review in February of this year, and that review was completed in March.

The standard is intended to cover the operations and maintenance of public pools, spas, and other aquatic venues intended to operate with or within recreational water quality standards. Design and construction of public pools and other aquatic venues are addressed in other standards. Residential pools and other watercontaining amenities not intended for swimming, bathing, or wading shall not be included in the scope of this standard.

The PHTA/ICC-2 Standard can be used by owners and operators of public pools, spas, and aquatic venues for the operation and maintenance of all types of public aquatic venues. It is also intended to be used by state and local authorities for adoption into state and local codes and standards. Industry stakeholders such as commercial pool and spa service companies, water park operators, and public pool operators can also use this standard as the benchmark for the minimum standards to operate and maintain public aquatic venues.

PHTA invites all pool, spa, and hot tub professionals, as well as non-industry members, to review the revisions printed in Standards Action and submit comments for consideration.

The ANSI public review announcement on the required 30day public review period will be published in the ANSI Standards Action on November 11, 2022. Click on the ‘See Latest Issue’ button to find the announcement. All public review comments on the PHTA/ICC2 Standard are due by December 11, 2022.

For more information on the draft standard, email [email protected] org or call (703) 838-0083.

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