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Outdoor Luxury Living Inc. leaves $1.9 million in unfinished pools

Outdoor Luxury Living Inc.  leaves $1.9 million in  unfinished pools Outdoor Luxury Living Inc.  leaves $1.9 million in  unfinished pools

Mounting complaints against a bad actor pool builder prompted the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, AZ ROC, to revoke the man’s contractor’s license.

Outdoor Luxury Living Incorporated, located in Mesa, Arizona, has racked up 36 complaints, totaling $1.9 million centered around abandonment and poor workmanship of backyard swimming pools.

The company’s owner, Jack Vincent Smith III, told many of his frustrated customers that he intends to file for bankruptcy for his business. If true, it won’t be the first time Smith has done so. According to a local CBS News channel, Smith filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

Gabrielle Shirk and her husband are among the dozens of homeowners who have filed complaints against Smith and his company. They paid $30,000 for an unfinished project, and they say it has hurt their family and that now they are financially devastated.

“We’re just a middle-class working family, and that’s a lot of money to us,” Shirk said.

Angry homeowners have tried confronting Smith at his home. Taped to his house is a note telling those who want to speak to him, “If you are a current or past customer of Outdoor Luxury Living Inc./ OLLI Pools or a friend of and agent of in any capacity or relation to any current or past customer of and regarding any business related to Outdoor Luxury Living Inc/ OLLI Pools, You Are To Leave The Premises Immediately And Not Return.”

The AZ ROC revoked Smith’s license on November 17 after receiving and investigating dozens of complaints.

Shirk said she is happy about this latest action.

“We’re elated. It’s the best news we ever could have gotten,” Shirk said.

Like his other disgruntled customers, she is hoping to be reimbursed from the contracting board recovery fund.

“My honest opinion is that it’s not enough but because of all the money he has taken from us, he’s left us in a financial hardship,” Shirk said.

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