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Need a new business partner? Call Poolwerx

Need a new business partner? Call Poolwerx Need a new business partner? Call Poolwerx

Whether you want to be your own boss or you’re looking to expand your existing business, franchising with Poolwerx could be the answer.

Poolwerx is a pool service franchise organization that already has a huge market share in Australia and New Zealand, with a strong commercial base, and is now starting to increase its penetration in the U.S. market. The main opportunity for growth is its business partnership model, which offers new opportunities for business professionals who are looking for a breakthrough and a career change. Without much investment, it is possible to gradually grow from an independent operator with one service truck to the scale of having its own independent stores and 2-3 service trucks in less than a 4-year time span.

Despite the pool industry’s maturity across the United States, it remains fragmented. No single player currently holds more than 5% of the market. Many residential and commercial pool owners rely on small pool contractors that are often recommended by word of mouth.

This situation opens opportunities for a professional, streamlined pool service, maintenance, and repair franchise. Poolwerx is ideally placed to fill that space.

Poolwerx was founded in Australia, where its franchisees currently hold 30% of the country’s pool maintenance business. In the United States, the pool maintenance market appears ready for a similar development.

Poolwerx has been evaluated by the Franchise Performance Group (FPG), a specialty consultancy firm for the franchise industry. The FPG believes that Poolwerx is on the brink of becoming a regionally recognized brand with the potential to dominate the entire country.

A branded service like Poolwerx immediately lends credibility to a pool service business. Liveried vehicles, employees in uniforms, and professionally laid out retail locations all contribute to the professional image customers love.

Franchising is all about finding the right business idea and ensuring an excellent fit between the franchisor and franchisee. The pool industry is growing, making it an excellent proposition for investment.

Take a closer look at what Poolwerx can deliver for your business:

• High revenue potential.

• Low barriers to entry.

• Training and support.

• Multiple revenue streams. According to Poolwerx, their average franchisee generates more than $1.7 million in annual revenue on an initial investment of $100,000.

The Poolwerx system allows you to start small, with a limited investment, and then grow your business over a few years. Most franchisees move from mobile services to a retailbased model over time. They start by servicing residential clients and then move to a combination of residential and commercial customers.

Poolwerx also provides thorough training to help you get going, and provides ongoing support as your business grows.

Poolwerx currently has locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. That means there’s a lot of room for growth.

To learn more about becoming a Poolwerx partner, visit the company online at

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