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Pool Troopers wants to help you retire

Pool Troopers wants to help you retire Pool Troopers wants to help you retire

If you are a pool business owner looking for a way to retire, Pool Troopers might well be your exit strategy.

Pool Troopers, a leading pool service company, is actively acquiring high-quality pool service businesses across the Sunbelt region. Pool Troopers currently provides cleaning, chemical, and repair services to more than 20,000 pools in Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

Their mission is to provide freedom to all pool owners and all pool company owners as well. They are actively partnering with businesses across the Sunbelt region.

Pool Troopers are pool guys, and they want to help pool guys and gals. Whether a pool service company owner is looking to retire or accelerate their company’s growth, Pool Troopers has the team, technology, and infrastructure to continue building his or her legacy.

Gary Crayton, owner of Pool Troopers, says that the company would love to partner with anyone who currently owns a pool service company.

“I’ve been in this industry my entire adult life, and I’ve seen what happens when people in our industry don’t have succession plans and don’t have a strategy to exit their business with any kind of dignity or respect,” Crayton said. “I feel that we are the acquirer of choice in this space and give pool company owners some freedom as well.”

But Pool Troopers is more than just a succession plan for pool service company owners who want to retire. For younger people looking to expand their businesses, Pool Troopers can provide a lot of freedom.

“Most of us in this industry love swimming pools, but very few of us love dealing with insurance companies and writing contracts and hiring new people or taxes and payroll,” Crayton said. “We take care of all of that to let pool people focus on swimming pools.”

That freedom extends to travel needs as well. Do you own a business in Florida but want to move to Arizona? Pool Troopers can place you. They want you, and they want your team, from service techs to customer service. They want the whole package. They will provide training, marketing, and help with purchases, to help you be the best pool person you can be in your market. Need a new truck? Done.

Why sell your business to Pool Troopers?

1. They have the financial ability to close quickly and pay fair market valuations.

2. They place priority on existing team growth and culture.

3. They offer industry-leading health and retirement benefits for employees.

4. ‘Have Your Back’ brand experience for customers and team.

5. Category leading customer growth and retention platform.

6. Committed to honoring a company’s story and legacy.

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