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Need a new skimmer & return? Try ‘Thru-the-wall’

Need a new skimmer & return? Try ‘Thru-the-wall’ Need a new skimmer & return? Try ‘Thru-the-wall’

JED Pool Tools, of Scranton, Penna., now offers the new and improved Thru-the-Wall skimmer and return. With a large skimmer basket; snap-in, removable weir; and quick-disconnect pipe connection, it keeps pools clean and free of leaves and debris.

Thru-the-Wall, available in regular and wide-mouth sizes, is made of deluxe UV-protected ABS plastic for long-lasting performance.

It is offered pre-packaged with an Aquador snap-on closure system that protects the skimmer from freeze damage by eliminating the need to drain the water below the skimmer. Standard wall knock-outs are included.Thru-the-Wall is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA For more information, contact JED Pool Tools, Dept. SI, 1100 Penn Ave., Scranton, PA 18509, Telephone 570-344-4137. Online

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