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Use ‘Backfill Eliminator’ for pool tanning ledges

Use ‘Backfill Eliminator’ for pool tanning ledges Use ‘Backfill Eliminator’ for pool tanning ledges

Thursday Pools, of Fortville, Ind., has received a patent for its revolutionary Backfill Eliminator (BFE) that makes installation easier for builders by eliminating the need to perform traditional backfilling on its fiberglass pools with large tanning ledges.

This system provides sturdy, level installation of large tanning ledges that have traditionally been a challenge for installers to backfill properly. A compromised backfill will shift and settle, creating a void that can affect the structural integrity of the tanning ledge.

To solve this problem, the Backfill Eliminator (BFE) is specially integrated into the bottom of the pool’s structure, completely eliminating the need to backfill the tanning ledge area.

The BFE includes a system that allows groundwater to flow freely, preventing water accumulation under the pool and ensuring that groundwater will not lift the pool.

The BFE also features an access point into which pool installers can easily reach plumbing and wiring.

A video on the BFE system is available at https:// Direct link: watch?v=nMr2pkax9mU

For more information, contact Thursday Pools, Dept. SI,840CommercePkwy.,Fortville,IN46040.Telephone 877-929-7665. Online

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