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‘Quickspray Carrousel’ for heavy-duty grout jobs

‘Quickspray Carrousel’ for heavy-duty grout jobs ‘Quickspray Carrousel’ for heavy-duty grout jobs

The Quikspray

® Carrousel

® Heavy-Duty Grout Pump, from Quikspray, Inc., of Port Clinton, Ohio, features an efficient peristaltic pumping system and specially designed couplings that allow for the pumping of materials with or without aggregates and/ or reinforcing fibers.

Simple and dependable, with no internal moving parts, it will pump anything that is near liquid, Its current use is in handling heavily-filled materials such as plaster, portland cement mixtures, uncured epoxy mortars, and other types of building materials.

Some models can be converted to other applications, including the spray application of fireproofing, stuccos, cement/plaster coatings, pool plaster, accoustics, and artificial rock and water features.

Powerful pneumatic, constant torque AC/DC or hydraulic motors allow variable speed and application rates. The Carrousel Grout Pump is also low or no maintenance, is easily cleaned, and is extremely mobile, with its own 4.80/400 - 8 wheels and 16” pneumatic tires.

The single-hopper Carrousel pump, available in 1-, 1.50-, and 2-inch internal diameter sizes, is sold separately or as part of a complete assembly.

Test reports are available upon request.

For more information, contact Quikspray, Inc., Dept. SI, 2105 W. Lakeshore Dr., Port Clinton, OH 43452. Telephone 419-732-2611. Online

The battery-powered and solar-charged Keto Smart Skimmer, from Keto A.I., Inc., of Houston, Tex., replaces an existing cover plate with a smart plugand- play device that connects directly to WiFi, and is configured with Bluetooth for direct communication with a phone.

The Smart Skimmer keeps track of sanitizer through an ORP sensor that measures chlorine performance and pH levels; its fixed position allows it to monitor water level and detect if the pump is running, water is low or the skimmer basket needs to be or has been cleaned.

It works in both salt and chlorine pools.

Users can receive notifications as water fluctuates out of range and be informed of water temperature as well as local weather to know when conditions are best for swimming.

The pool’s current status can be determined at any time by stepping on the skimmer’s solar panel for an LED reading.

Charging occurs automatically by leaving the skimmer installed in the sun.

The Smart Skimmer will fit over 90 percent of pools with the three included adapter collars. Installation is easy, with no tools required.

Keto A.I. products are designed and built in the U.S.

For more information, contact Keto A.I., Inc., Dept. SI, 2386 S. Dairy Ashford Rd., Houston, TX 77077. Telephone 903-392-6715. Visit the company online at

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