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‘Blueriot’ water analyzer for pH, ORP, temp, conductivity

‘Blueriot’ water analyzer for pH, ORP, temp, conductivity ‘Blueriot’ water analyzer for pH, ORP, temp, conductivity

The Blueriot Smart Water Analyzer, from Fluidra, a Zodiac company with offices in Carlsbad, Calif., takes precise readings and provides immediate feedback on pool water balance.

Blueriot is a device for measuring pH, ORP, conductivity and water temperature that either sits in a pool or spa or is installed professionally at the pool pad with the Blue Fit50 attachment accessory. Available with built-in Bluetooth capabilities for manual poolside testing, or with Wi-Fi connectivity for continual readings, Blueriot helps prevent problems like algae blooms, corrosion, scaling, chlorine overdoses and more before they begin.

A subscription-based app, this product is offered in the standard Gold Bluetooth version with basic manual operation or Blueriot Platinum with automated real-time readings and alerts sent straight to a smart device for immediate notification. In cases where there is an issue with water balance, chemical recommendations are provided, allowing service techs to know what supplies to bring.

The Blueriot Smart Water Analyzer also keeps a record of past readings, giving pros a clear look at how a pool system is performing between visits so they can predict and prevent potential problems and identify if there is a bigger issue at hand.

For more information, contact Fluidra, Dept. SI, 2882 Whiptail Loop #100, Carlsbad, CA 92010. Telephone 800-822-7933. Online

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