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New water test from ITS ‘PoolCheckPocketPacks’

New water test from ITS ‘PoolCheckPocketPacks’ New water test from ITS ‘PoolCheckPocketPacks’

Pool Check

® Pocket Packs, from Industrial Test Systems, of Rock Hill, S. C., contain ten test strips each, individually wrapped in foil packets, for economical and convenient pool and spa maintenance.

Pool Check 3in1 Pocket Pack tests for pH and total alkalinity and has been specially designed to work in pools with either chlorine or bromine systems.

Pool Check Cu, 3in1 Copper Pocket Pack, is the first test strip designed to measure copper sanitizer levels used in alternative sanitizing systems, including both liquid and granule copper sulfate pentahydrate and ionizing systems. It also tests for pH and total alkalinity.

Pool Check LC, Low Chlorine 3in1 Pocket Pack, tests for free chlorine, total alkalinity and pH.

Pool Check 4+ Pocket Pack, a complete source for pool and spa testing, measures for four of the most important pool and spa parameters, total alkalinity, free chlorine/bromine, pH and cyanuric acid.

Pool Check Pocket Packs have been named an MVP 2021 Most Valuable Product.

For more information, contact Industrial Test Systems, Dept. SI, 1875 Lanston St., Rock Hill, SC 29730. Telephone 803-329-9712. Visit the company online at

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