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What is the status of public pools?

Public pools have been closed for months across the country. Now, with temperatures beginning to rise and states’ Covid-19 curves beginning to flatten, many governors have signed executive orders allowing aquatic venues to reopen.

In some states, pools were allowed to open in a limited capacity in May, and in other states, swimmers are still eagerly anticipating a return to their favorite swim spot this June.

In almost every state, however, the pool rules have changed, with most limiting the number of pool patrons at a time. Vigorous cleaning regimes have been enacted. Deck chairs will be spaced out, with social distancing requirements. Visitors may have their temperatures taken, or asked personal health questions. Indoor areas may be closed, or if open, occupancy may be limited.

Even though nearly every state has imposed its own guidelines, individual counties and municipalities may impose stricter rules, or else decide not to open at all.

The following list details those states that have, at press time, determined how they want to proceed with regard to pool openings. States not included in the list may have left decisions to be made at a county level, or else have yet to announce their plans.

Alabama: As of May 22, recreational pools may resume at 50% if they meet specific requirements.

Alaska: As of May 22, all businesses and entities can open at 100% capacity.

Arizona : As of May 13, pools, gyms, fitness providers and spas can open if they follow physical distancing and sanitation protocols. Pools are to operate at 50% capacity.

Colorado: Indoor gyms, fitness classes, recreation centers, parks and pools can open with limitations. Pools are to operate at 25% capacity or 50 people, whichever is fewer.

Delaware: The state lifted restrictions on beaches and community pools effective 5:00 p.m. on May 22, though social distancing and hygiene requirements remain in place.

Community pools can open at 20% capacity, with no swim lessons or team practices.

Georgia: AsofMay14, swimming pools can operate with 10 or fewer patrons, or social distance at 6 feet of space per person. Waterparks can open starting June 12 in compliance with mandatory guidance.

Idaho: Reopening began on May 30, allowing outdoor pools, splash pads and waterparks to open with occupancy limits.

Indiana: Facilities allowed to open with restrictions include gyms, YMCAs, fitness centers, yoga studios, community pools and campgrounds.

Iowa: As of May 22, swimming pools can reopen for lap swimming and swimming lessons with no specific regulations other than “reasonable measures.”

Kansas: As of May 22, pools that are not associated with a statelicensed day care must remain closed.

Kentucky: As of June 1, public pools will remain closed. Exercise or training pools can reopen.

Maryland: Effective at 5 p.m. on June5,poolscanreopenat25%capacity.

Massachusetts: Swimming pools may reopen starting as early as June 8. All outdoor public and semipublic (such as membership facilities) pools may open at 40% capacity.

Michigan: Swimming pools and day camps for children can open starting June 8 at 50% capacity.

Minnesota: Gyms can open at 25% capacity with up to 250 people. Pools can open at 50% capacity as of June 10.

Mississippi: Outdoor places of amusement water parks can open subject to specific limitations. Pools can open with a maximum of 20 people or with people 6 feet apart.

Missouri: Under phase one of the plan which ends June 15, there are no limits on gathering size, but people must adhere to social distancing requirements as they resume social and economic activities. All businesses can reopen provided they follow specific social distancing guidelines.

Montana: Beginning June 1, gyms, pools and hot tubs can operate at 75% capacity. Nevada: Beginning May 29, gyms and fitness facilities can reopen with capacity limits.

Aquatic facilities, swimming pools and water parks can open at 50% capacity.

Locker rooms will not be allow to reopen. Face coverings should NOT be worn in the water.

New Jersey: Municipal and private-club swimming pools can open beginning June 22.

New Mexico: Pools can reopen, but only for lap swimming and lessons. Pools may only operate at up to 50% of their maximum capacity and with social distancing.

North Carolina: As of May 22, pools can open at 50% capacity and with distancing and cleaning requirements. Gyms, indoor fitness facilities and indoor entertainment venues remain closed.

Ohio: Beginning May 26, gyms and fitness centers can reopen in accordance with state guidance.

Public and club pools that are regulated by local health departments can reopen if they meet safety requirements and best practices.

Pennsylvania: State park pools will remain closed until at least June 12.

South Carolina: As of May 18, fitness and exercise centers, commercial gyms — including group exercise classes — and public or commercial pools can open at 20% capacity or 5 people per 1000 square feet.

Tennessee: Public swimming pools at state parks are closed for the 2020 summer season.

Texas: Beginning May 8, swimming pools may open at 25% capacity.

West Virginia: As of May 30, swimming pools were allowed to open starting May 30.

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