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Isn’t there a pool app for that?

Isn’t there a pool app for that? Isn’t there a pool app for that?

We use our smartphones for just about everything. In the pool service industry, smart phones can help plan efficient routes, help with water chemistry decisions, help with specialized equipment functions and so much more. Here are several of our favorite apps that can help keeps pools sparkly and blue.

Chemistry Calculators

Nimbus Pool Doctor

Adjust the chlorine, bromine, salt, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid levels in the pool. Configure the ideal ranges and chemicals used to treat pools. Results are given in pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, liters, gallons or even in the number of scoops (custom scoop sizes). This app supports regular, salt-water or even bromine pools. iOS only, Free.

NPC LSI Calculator

The LSI is used to predict if pool or spa water is corrosive, balanced or scaling. The NPC LSI Calc uses the original mathematical equations which use logarithms, square roots and interpolated constants for calculations. $4.99.

Pool Acid Dose Calculator

This pH calculator provides the exact amount of acid needed in any pool or spa to lower pH or total alkalinity. $4.99.

Pool Chem Dose Calculator

A pool calculator that will calculate the exact chemical dose needed for 38 chemicals in 11 categories for any size pool in US Imperial or Metric measures. $2.99.

The Pool Drain Percent Calculator

Used to determine the percent or fraction of water to be drained to reach a target for a specific condition in the water. $2.99.


Pooli is a great chemical calculator and pool maintenance app. It is user friendly and free. It has a test strip scanner that delivers water test results. iOS and Android, Free.

PoolMath, by TroubleFreePool

Track all pool water tests and it will provide how much of each chemical is needed. It follows the TroubleFreePool method (BBB). $7.99.

Manufacturer Based Apps

pHin Smart Water Monitor by Hayward

A smart pool and hot tub monitor that automatically measures your water temperature, sanitizer and pH levels. It analyzes the data and recommends what chemicals to add. It works with chlorine, salt and bromine. $349.

iAqualink 2.0 by Jandy

One of the most advanced pool management devices. If the pool has a Jandy iAquaLink system installed, use the mobile app to manage everything. Lights, pumps and temperature are easily changed right from a smartphone or tablet. Free.

ScreenLogic by Pentair

Works with the Pentair pump control systems. It supports changing all pool settings on the fly with the supported Pentair pump system. Free.

Facility / Business Management


Everything needed for a paperless business. Track customers, customize and optimize routes, email customers service reports, track work orders, create a shopping list and invoice customers., $29/month.

PoolTrac Pro

Aweb-based app that tracks information about facilities, including equipment status, cleanliness and water chemistry. It supports up to 1,000 pools and as many as 100 users per account. Some functions include chemical calculators, on-the-job record logs, photographic records for service calls/work orders and location tracking for employees. www.pooltrac. com, $60/month.


Square Point of Sale accepts payments from anywhere, enabling service techs to accept payment while on the job site. Free Square Reader can link to other software, such as Quickbooks, for accounting, analytics or inventory needs. Variable pricing.

Quickbooks Suite

Quickbooks Online is the online, subscription-based version of Quickbooks. Apps include: Quickbooks Accounting: Invoicing and Expenses; Quickbookshelf Employed: Mileage Tracker and Taxes; Quickbooks GoPayment. Free with Quickbooks Online Account., variable pricing.

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