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Next year, put Tuff Spas on your Christmas list

Next year, put Tuff Spas on your Christmas list Next year, put Tuff Spas on your Christmas list

Christmas 2020 was particularly special for 18 hot tub owners living on the east coast. That was due to a special free hot tub promotion by hot tub manufacturer, Tuff Spas.

The promotion promised that if you purchased a $5,000 or greater spa in the first 20 days of December, you would get it for free if it rained or snowed at least an inch on Christmas Day.

The promotion took place nationwide with eligible customers near Tuff Spas locations in Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo got four inches before sunrise on Christmas Day.

Frank Guido of Blasdell, New York was among the lucky customers who scored a free hot tub.

“Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we were watching the weather so close, and we couldn’t get any readings out of the airport, so I was skeptical the whole time,” Guido said.

Another man actually won two spasone for him and one for his parents.

“I lived with my parents until a few months ago, and I originally said I was going to get a hot tub there, and I went into my own house and I wanted to get my own there, and there was this promotion, so I bought one for myself and one for my parents as a thank you for everything they’ve done,” said Jazey Walker.

Last year, Tuff Spas ran this promotion in 16 markets and didn’t have to give away one, but this year, they had to pay up in New York and New Hampshire.

Tuff Spas sales director Mace Cohen said he wasn’t sure yet if they would run the promotion next year.

“That’s a good question for the owner,” Cohen said. “I don’t know. I’m guessing so. I mean he’s thrilled that we were able to give away so many Christmas presents to customers.”

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