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Filter & remove staining metals using ‘Metal Trap’

Metal Trap

™ , from Hydropure Technologies, Inc., of Jacksonville, Fla., is a patent-pending technology designed to selectively filter out stain-causing copper, iron and other metals found in water that can damage finishesandequipmentandcausediscolorationandodors.

Metal Trap is a combination of filtration media materials that work together to provide superior metal removal. This synergistic media technology not only treats water, it chemically reacts with the metals and physically traps them, removing them permanently.

Metal Trap gets rid of the toughest metals and contaminants and is also effective in removing hydrogen sulfide. The result is clearer, fresher-smelling water.

Features include quick hose connect, disposability and ease of use.

For more information, contact Hydropure Technologies, Inc., Dept. SI, 3811 University Blvd. W, Ste. 21, Jacksonville, FL 32217. Phone 904-730-6726. Online at

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