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Save 80% energy with Hayward’s ‘VS 700’ pump

Save 80% energy with  Hayward’s ‘VS 700’ pump Save 80% energy with  Hayward’s ‘VS 700’ pump

The variable-speed Super Pump VS 700, an Expert Line product from Hayward Pool Products, of Clemmons, N. C., is a simple drop-in upgrade that offers outstanding durability and up to 80 percent energy cost savings over single-speed pumps.

Built with dual-voltage capability and a chemicalresistant Viton

® seal, Super Pump VS 700, features a Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) for 115V of 10.9 and for 230V,8.0.ThehighertheWEF,themoreefficientthepump.

The VS 700 also boasts an upgraded dual-voltage motor drive for optimal operating efficiency; a chemical-resistant Viton seal that offers resistance against chemical imbalances; and a permanentmagnet, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor for maximum energy efficiency and reliability.

The intuitive control pad can be rotated in four directions on the pump or removed and wall mounted, and universal compatibility allows for independent operation with Hayward automation or with competitive systems via relay control.

For more information, contact Hayward Pool Products, Dept. SI, One Hayward Industrial Dr., Clemmons, NC 27102. Phone 908-355-7995. Online

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