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Some steps to replace a vinyl liner

Some steps to replace a vinyl liner Some steps to replace a vinyl liner

Among the more lucrative jobs some pool service firms do is installing or replacing a vinyl liner. According to recent Service Industry News surveys, pool service professionals charge an average of about $3,000, which is great money for less than a single day’s work.

For seasoned professionals, installation isn’t that challenging, and manufacturers of vinyl liners usually provide instructions on the installation process. Generally, after measuring the existing pool and ordering the replacement, the process involves removing the fixtures and removing the old liner from the track and bead receptacles, and then securing the new liner at the rim. Then, with the help of a vacuum, pull the wrinkles out as the pool is filled with water.

The following are some tips to make the process more successful.

• Measure a lot.

The more details that can be provided to the manufacturer, the more tailored the new liner will be.

Be sure to use an accurate tape measure. The pool floor may not be level so be sure to note any discrepancies. Photos and written descriptions may also help.

• When replacing fittings, make careful notes about gaskets needed, which may need to be replaced.

• Inspect the pool walls for any damage.

• Sweep the pool floor and take care to remove any abrasions.

• Don’t drag the new liner when installing it as abrasions may cause immediate leaks. Also, if the subsurface is sand, dragging the liner will cause the sand to pile up in areas.

• Don’t panic if the new liner seems slightly too small. It will stretch when filled with water.

• The best temperature for installation day is between 50°F and 80°F .

Extreme heat may lead to excessive stretching and cause wrinkles. Cold may not allow adequate stretching.

• If there is a shallow end, start installation there.

It is easier to attach the edge to the track from the shallow end. Or start at an obvious point of alignment on the liner, such as a corner or stairway.

• As the liner is laid out, set down water bags or weights placed on towels to avoid marking or impressing the liner.

• In areas where a ladder is needed to reach, set the ladder on a rug to prevent marking or impressing the liner.

• While filling the pool, keep the vacuum running until the water is about eight inches from the surface to prevent wrinkles.

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