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Give a pool a face lift with ‘Ultra Poly One Coat’

Ultra Poly One Coat, a repair and refurbishing product from Ultra Polymers, Inc., of Gibsonia, Pa., makes it easier and faster to make a pool look like new.

Ultra Poly One Coat saves time in surface preparation since the coating is applied in a single roller coat and generally cures within 24 hours. It also reduces prep time, with no moisture testing, sandblasting, acid etching, re-plastering or primer coats required. It fills hairline cracks and voids, with no thickness restrictions, and is compatible with most existing pool coatings.

Originally engineered to withstand chemicals in storage tanks, and for applications to challenging surfaces, durable Ultra Poly One Coat withstands UV exposure as well as freeze and thaw cycles. It also features greater adhesion and wear resistance than standard paints and epoxies.

Ultra Poly One Coat can be applied to concrete, plaster, gunite, previously coated surfaces, rigid repair materials, fiberglass and metal, and is suitable for constant immersion, splash areas, and dry areas.

For more information, contact Ultra Polymers, Inc., Dept. SI, 200 Laurel Ave., Gibsonia, PA 15044. Telephone 724-449-2122. Visit the company online at

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