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success. Each day of the ….

success. Each day of the …. success. Each day of the ….

success. Each day of the show saw record attendance, with more than 9,000 attendees walking the exhibit hall each day.

Seminar attendance was also high, with roughly 1,000 pool professionals attending classes on both Thursday and Saturday, and close to 1,500 in class on Friday.

Covid fears and precautions seem not to have thwarted participation by any significant margin, and the show offered free Covid testing to allay any concerns.

“I’ve never seen so many hugs — Lots of engagement and the exhibitors were happy. Everyone was just super excited about being back,” Nielson said.

The pre-show golf tournament was also well attended, garnering $15,000 worth of needed funds for the California Pool and Spa Association.

And on Friday night, Hasa hosted a memorial event for the late pool chemist, Robert Lowry during which his widow, Silvia, gave a moving speech.

“We plan to make it a tradition where we recognize someone in the industry every year and honor them with the “Bob Lowry Award,” Nielson said.

Western Pool & Spa Show crowd cheers Frenny Pena, of Advanced Pool & Spa, in Los Angeles, California, after she won the $20,000 prize.

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