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‘NOT ON MY WATCH’ - Drowning matters every day, not just every May


Drowning injuries and fatalities are so commonplace that the stories could fill up whole newspapers.

The CDC estimates that about 10 people die from drowning in the U.S. every day.

Children ages 1 through 4 have the highest drowning rates and most of those drownings happen in home swimming pools.

Drowning events are real, tragic, frequently preventable,and much more than just statistics. There are measures that service technicians can take to promote drowning awareness.

Speak to parents about removing toys and other temptations from the pool area.

Encourage parents to learn about the layers of protection: pool covers, gates and alarms.

Remind parents there is no substitution for total supervision around the pool area.

Service professionals are in peoples’ backyards every day, and in a unique position to point out danger areas, but may not do so unless the drowning problem is brought home to them.

To that end, the following is a description of just some of the drowning incidents that have recently occurred.

Houston, Texas, October 8 —

A toddler was saved from drowning after he fell into an apartment complex pool. A nurse leaving from work and another resident heard the commotion, pulled the boy from the water and began CPR while waiting for the ambulance. The child was conscious and breathing.

Seminole, Florida, October 15 —

A11/2-year-old child was pronounced deceased after he was found floating face-down in the swimming pool while the father was outside playing with the children.

Hephzibah, Georgia, October 17 —

2-year-old Justus Hyman died of drowning after falling into a swimming pool. His mother was charged with cruelty to children in the second degree.

Birmingham, Alabama, October 17 —

5-year-old Jamir Ali Shabazz-Hawkins died after he was found at the bottom of a Embassy Suites swimming pool.

West Lake, Georgia, October 20 —

22-year-old Keontae Alston was providing lawn care services, wearing a

backpack leaf blower when he fell into a home’s swimming pool and drowned.

New Orleans, Louisiana, October 20 —

A 20-year-old man was found dead in a home swimming pool.Jackson Mississippi, a 1-year-old was fighting for his life after falling into a pool while at Little Blessings from Heaven Childcare and Academy Center. The daycare is now closed while authorities investigate the matter.

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