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Forklift lifts pool, overturns, injures 2

Forklift lifts pool, overturns, injures 2 Forklift lifts pool, overturns, injures 2

A Skytrak telehandler, also called a telescopic forklift, overturned in Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania, injuring two workers.

Arial photos showed the toppled 4-wheel telescopic handler, a type of forklift used to lift and move heavy objects, overturned next to a fiberglass swimming pool outside a home.

One person was transported by air, the other by land. Chris Bailey, owner of C.A. Bailey Excavating & Hauling, said he was operating the equipment during the accident. His company is subcontracted by Skyview Pools to install inground swimming pools.

“When it toppled over, it almost felt like I was airborne for 10 minutes,” Bailey said. 'I was in the air, but inside the machine holding to the steering wheel. When it hit the ground, it threw me into the roll bar and through the window.'

According to Bailey, the telehandler weighs 12,000 pounds, which is four times the weight of the swimming pool. He said it was harnessed with four nylon slings.

Baily said that one of the Skyview pool workers tried to direct the pool toward the hole where it would be installed, but it swung back in the opposite direction, downhill, pulling the telehandler to the side, where it toppled.

John Pisarek was near the scene when the incident occurred.

“I worked in the basement,”

Forklift overturned after lifting fiberglass pool. Photo credit Pisarek said. “Me and my wife both work from home and suddenly I heard a loud bang, I mean it sounded like thunder. I thought maybe there’s a storm in the area. I ran outside and saw the crane and the boys on the ground and went over to help as best I could.”

By the time Pisarek got to them they were conscious and talking.

“Hope they’re both okay. Really good guys,” said Pisarek.

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