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Pool Chemistry Training Institute

Pool Chemistry Certified Residential Course

PCTI currently offers one type class which is the Pool Chemistry Certified Residential PCCR class.

This is an intensive 1 day class that covers all water chemistry factors that a residential pool pro needs to be successful. It includes the following:

• Understanding The Nature of Water

• Pool Construction Materials

• Pool Math

• Water Balance

• pH Buffers

• Borates

• CYA Cyanuric Acid

• LSI-Langelier Saturation Index

• Chlorine Products

• Salt Water Generators

• Bromine, Ozone UV and AOP

• Water Testing Advances This class is the only one of its kind, which is a certification class specifically for backyard residential pool professionals.

It focuses primarily on water chemistry and the best practices to ensure ideal water quality with using less chemicals. Developed by pool industry expert Bob Lowry.

The cost of the class is $300.00 which covers the cost of two books along with the exam completion certificate and an iron on patch.

All students who complete the course are also listed on the PCTI website as certified professionals. The certification is good for 3 years.

Online courses June 4; July 2

Live Classes

Southwest Show, San Antonio, TX.

The Pool & Spa Show, Atlantic City, NJ. Western Pool & Spa Show, Long Beach, CA. For more information or to register contact Terry [email protected]

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