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Space Coast Pool School

Certified Pool Operator Course

You will gain knowledge on pool water chemistry, water filtration, recreational water illnesses, spa maintenance, chemical dosing, break point chlorination and methods to keep employees and patrons of swimming pools safe and healthy.

100% Virtual Fusion One Day Option 8-hour-self-paced course and 5 hour live online review and online proctored test.

100% Virtual Two Day Option 2 full days of instruction live online + online proctored test In-Person Two Day Course 2 full days of instruction and in-person test. https://www.spacecoastpoolschool. com.

Certified Pool Inspector Course

Certified Pool & Spa Inspector

provides a standardized training program for health officials, pool operators and home inspectors to conduct pool and spa inspections. CPI focuses on these topics with a live virtual format:

• Understanding the basis for code requirements and why a violation is a public health hazard.

• Performing an inspection of the pool and spa area Evaluating swimming pool operation and maintenance.

• Assessing the circulation system and its components.

• Evaluating a facility for VGB Act compliance.

• Recognizing the elements of spa inspections.

• Understanding recreational water illnesses.

• Maintaining supervision and operator records.

• Recognizing the elements of aquatic play features.

• Understanding swimming pool design standards and their impact on public health.

100% Live Virtual

6 hour course( test separately through PHTA online proctored test)

https://www.spacecoastpoolschool. com/100-online-cpo-class-3/

Residential Water Chemistry

This 2.5 hour course will go over the following:

• Pool water chemistry

• Proper pool water testing techniques/ test Kit Interferences

• Pool Water Balance & Use of Technology to Help Calculate Water Balance & Dosage

• Prevention of Algae

100% 4-hour-online self-paced course

https://www.spacecoastpoolschool. com/residential-advanced-waterchemistry- mini-course/ OSHA 10 Certification in General Industry to Aquatic Professionals

The only OSHA 10 certification in General Industry for the Pool Industry!!! This OSHA 10-hour training program is specific to aquatic professionals and the swimming pool industry. It teaches basic safety and health information to entry-level workers in general industry. The difference is that this is the first OSHA 10 training program that is geared to the pool industry. Each topic is discussed with examples that make it relevant to those in this industry.

100% Live Virtual 2 Day Course

https://www.spacecoastpoolschool. com/osha-10-virtual-class/

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