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CAN YOU TOP THIS? - Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry

Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry


Welcome to the latest edition of our popular “Can You Top This?” column, featuring the newest entry in the Service Industry News “Horror File. ”

This issue’s entry comes to us from Steve Kay, of Caribbean Pool Service in the San Fernando Valley, Calif.

“Got a text from a customer in the local hills that the pool was trashed.” writes Steve.

“When I showed up the water was not moving. I poked my head over the equipment fence to see why. and then I went to the main breaker to ‘ see’ if...just if...

And Yup. The main breaker to the pool equipment was still...ON!!!

Shocking — Le’me tell ya. A 240-volt death trap waiting for an enlightening moment.

Talk about horror. Seriously! It sounds like you may have saved a life that day Steve. Thank you.

Other publications like to print lots of pretty pictures of beautiful pools, spas and well engineered installations.

At Service Industry News, we would rather go behind the scenes and take a closer look at the type of stuff our readers encounter everyday — cracked tiles, spaghetti plumbing, rats in heaters, cars in the pool, snakes in the plumbing, and more!

When you are out in the field and you see something that doesn’t look right, send us an email along with a picture and a brief description: Attention Horror File, [email protected]

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