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ANSI-15 — Energy efficient standard approved

The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance has announced that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved the ANSI/PHTA/ICC-15 2021 American National Standard for Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Energy Efficiency.

The standard covers energy efficiency requirements for permanently installed residential aboveground/onground and inground swimming pools and inground spas operated by the property owner and used for bathing.

This standard is intended to cover certain aspects of the swimming pool filtration-system design; equipment, including pool and spa heaters; installation; and operational capabilities, for the purpose of minimizing energy consumption while maintaining water quality and temperature.

The standard was designed to meet the new requirements of the Department of Energy’s Dedicated Purpose Pool Pump (DPPP) Rule, which applies to all pumps regardless of their use or purpose.

According to Kenneth Gregory, PHTA15 Standard Writing Committee Chair and Compliance & Safety Manager of Pentair, energy efficiency has become very important to the pool industry and to our nation.

'In recent years, the pool industry has led the way in saving consumers money by providing energy-saving products as required by the APSP-15 standard.

This new revision, PHTA-15, takes energy saving to a new level.

Consumers for years to come will enjoy major savings on the cost to operate their pool, spa, or hot tub.'

The PHTA-15 will now enter the production phase.

PHTA thanks all of the committee members who worked on this standard.

PHTA-15 is available for purchase at their website for $165 member pricing.

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